We hope you all have been doing well sequestering during the covid-19 pandemic and staying safe. We remind you of the importance of keeping six feet apart from others, good and frequent hand washing, keeping surfaces clean by disinfecting, and wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth while in public.

As the crisis winds down, we will inevitably (and thankfully!) find ourselves back into more active public life. Children will return to school and daycare, and parents to work. How this will come about is not entirely clear, but we remain hopeful that our public leaders will guide us in a sensible and safe return.

We wanted you to know what we are doing to keep our office safe during this transition.

First, for the time being, we continue to offer only well visits in the morning, and only sick visits in the afternoon.

We continue to use personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves when seeing patients.

As always, we practice good handwashing and have dispensers of hand sanitizer available throughout the office.

Rooms are cleaned after each patient. If a patient has been seen with a cough or fever, that room is vacated and the door closed for the remainder of the session.

We have (sadly) removed all toys from the office. Please bring in something to occupy young children during the visit.

We continue to offer telemedicine visits for those too sick to come or worried about public exposure.

Patients may call us on arrival to the parking area and be put immediately into a room without waiting in the common waiting area.

We no longer allow patients to wait in the back hallway for procedures. Patients wait in the same exam room they were just examined in.

We continue to offer full-service care including daily phone hour (talk to a provider directly) seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Patients are invited to call us with any questions or concerns.

The office remains open seven days a week according to our regular posted schedule of hours.

We are happy to arrange both sick and well care visits, consultations, medication checks, vaccine and blood drawing visits, and telemedicine visits at your convenience. Upon request, we are happy to discuss and/or perform testing for the Covid-19 antibody.

In addition to our usual phone service, we now offer messaging through our brand-new portal. Call us for information on how to sign up.

The Pediatric Group is alive and well and here to continue to provide you and your family the best and most professional health care experience. We wish you well and good health!