Nursing and Clinical Staff:

Dorothy (Dot) B. Simms, R.N.: Dot has been with us since 1973. During that time, Dot worked both on a full-time and part-time basis, serving for a number of years as our Head Nurse. Dot's wisdom and experience continue to serve us well.

Colleen B. Ferrante, L.P.N.: Colleen, our current Head Nurse and a former pediatric ward nurse at Princeton Hospital, has been on our staff since 1991. Her good nature and ready smile keep everyone relaxed. She is always willing to help and knows where to find even the most obscure information.

Ashley C. Ferrante, R.N.: Ashley joined our practice in October 2009. She is a recent graduate of Mercer County Community College. Her training has included rotations at Princeton Hospital, RWJ, and Capitol Health Hospital. Ashley is a dedicated worker and her previous experience as a nanny allows her to relate exceptionally well to children. Being the daughter of our Head Nurse, Colleen, she fits right in and we are thrilled to have her.

Nancy N. Renshaw, R.N.: Nancy worked for us from 1982-1986 as staff and Head Nurse and then left to broaden her nursing experience in a variety of settings. She returned to us as a staff nurse in January of 2011 and "feels like she never left". As a mom to 5 kids and a grandmom, Nancy is enjoying her return to our family. We certainly love having her.

Grisele Gamboa, M.A.: Griselle has worked for us since 2012. She started out in reception and then trained to become an M.A. and now does lab and clinical work as well. She is enthusiastic and hard working and we are so glad she's here!


Terrie Batezel, A.A.S., R.T.: Terrie joined us in 1983 as a radiological technician. She studied and trained extensively to assume laboratory technician duties, and now focuses primarily on running our lab. Terrie's easy manner and constant smile keep the patients happy through whichever procedure they may require.


Ann Sooby, our Accounts Manager, has been a loyal
employee since 1989. Ann helps families to keep their accounts current. She assists with insurance inquiries and submissions. Any family with special financial needs can depend on Ann to help in making suitable payment arrangements. Grace DeVictoria (1987) and Dennise Baylor (2012) do a great job with coding and billing.

Tracy Wismer (2004) is hard working and tireless, and always gets it done. Our secretarial employees, Jan Wagner (1975), and Maria Kosul (1989) blend stability and know-how to our office functioning. Jill Hague (1998) and Jamie Kosul (2004) help us out on weekends and holidays. They all have the energy and enthusiasm that keep us all young in our work. Our staff retrieves, prepares and files charts and letters, answers phones, makes appointments, fills out forms, executes faxes, makes phone calls, restocks forms, orders supplies, escorts patients to rooms, occasionally plays with the children and holds infants for the parents and performs a host of other duties too numerous to list.