Our Philosophy

We are a modern pediatric group practice conveniently located in a smoke-free, handicapped-accessible building near the center of Princeton and close to The University Medical Center at Princeton. We offer care for children from birth through college graduation. We accept all major health insurance plans. As always, we believe in high quality care and excellent service for our families.

We see our role in the community as involving medical surveillance and availability for acute care, psychosocial guidance (both anticipatory and crisis oriented) and child advocacy in the community at large.

Medical surveillance translates to well child examinations. These start right in the nursery with a newborn. Twice daily rounds, parent conferences, nurse visits, discharge instructions and office follow up ensure a smooth successful transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life and from hospital to home environments. Regularly scheduled examinations allow us to screen for the appearance of congenital anomalies, assess growth and neuropsychological development, offer immunizations at appropriate intervals and counsel regarding nutritional input. These regular exams also enable us to make timely referrals when a child needs a specialist's evaluation.

Acute care also starts in the newborn period. We are available day and night for any emergencies for which an emerging neonate might need our help. As well, we are available for advice and any necessary visits after hours to the older child in need. These events are reviewed at medical surveillance exams to give us an overall picture of a child state of well being. Despite being a multiple member group, the availability of the child's chart to all of us and our inter-physician communication allow us to offer pediatric expertise with continuity in a way free-standing emergency services or hospital emergency departments cannot.

Part and parcel of our well and acute care visits is also caring for the psychological needs of the child. Support through and understanding illness and medication administration is critical for a successful outcome, both on the part of the parent and on that of the child. Anticipatory guidance at well exams regarding child rearing, development, behavior, peer interaction, school, sports, safety, nutrition, etc. is offered so that parents can understand their child and the child can understand him/herself. This is especially important given the high grade of mobility in our population.

We are in a position to know local and distant practitioners in other specialties, be they physicians or paramedical professionals, educators, therapists, technicians, etc. This enables us to help the child make optimal use of community medical resources. As well, we participate in child advocacy groups, community groups, educational institution boards, hospital committees and statewide organizations. This allows us to be knowledgeable in any area that might influence a child or in which a child might need guidance.

In short, everything that can affect a child's growth, development, education, well being, family or happiness is our concern. We stand ready to help in any of these areas.